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This is my scared face


This is my scared face


A system so dehumanising that they refer to each other not by their names but by their ID. Where women are asking for their babies to be aborted because the conditions are so horrible. Where medical reports are leaking out of high levels of trauma and torture.It is a system that seeks to make life so horrible for its inhabitants, with deplorable living conditions and years of imprisonment with no end in sight, that the prospect of going back home to the threat of torture and persecution seems preferable. 



One in three adults wishes Britain still had an empire


What kind of fuckery is this?

Ahhh, white people who love imperialism, colonialism, forcing the Bible and the English language down everyone’s throats! Banning local cultures, traditions, languages, and religious customs. Banning homosexuality and imposing racist, sexist, patriarchal, homophobic Victorian ideals down brown + black people’s throats! Lovely.

Seriously, the whitewashing of history in school is NO joke. No wonder many people are woefully ignorant.

Hole - Celebrity Skin
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Oh, look at my face
My name is might have been
My name is never was
My name’s forgotten


Elaine Kruer was able to watch a mother carefully move her cubs to their den. The process was very special and a reminder of how gentle nature can be. “When her grip began to slip, rather than tighten her grasp, she would lay them down and use her paws to reposition them ever so carefully,” says Elaine. (source)



Remember how when Capaldi was chosen as the twelfth doctor everyone had this feeble hope that he would bring Doctor Who back to what it was because he was a film director and not the mysoginistic Moffat kind

AND THEN WE HEAR THAT HE’S REFUSING TO FLIRT WITH CLARA AND IS GOING TO BRING “a bit more gravity” BACK TO DOCTOR WHO AND "I didn’t want to be Doctor Who in a Doctor Who I didn’t like,"


I am punching the air right now.


Picked this sign up at a local thrift shop.


Picked this sign up at a local thrift shop.

omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???


This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material


Gemma gets me


Gemma gets me